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Calvin and Colleen Sheehan (Assoc. Producer - The Oprha Winfrey Show)
Trainer Patrick Farrell, Peter Sheehan, Trainer Marc Goldberg CDT, Calvin and Colleen Sheehan (Associate Producer - The Oprah Winfrey Show)

In short, Marc is a miracle worker


"All of my years of schooling in animal behavior didn’t begin to compare with Marc’s experience with challenging dogs.  He knew immediately the best way to deal with Heidi’s issues and we are all much, much happier now.  I can’t thank him or recommend him enough.  If you have problems with your dog, take him/her to Marc!" Click to read more.

Dr. Elizabeth Lonsdorf, Phd
Animal Behaviorist
Doctorate, Animal Behavior

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Improve the life of both dog and family. All too often, unruly dogs do not fully enjoy life because their families constantly become upset and frustrated with them. This is difficult for both family and dog.

Our mission is simple. Make both dog and family happy.

What does is take to make your dog happy? He will thrive when you give him leadership and attention.

What our clients say...

"You're a miracle worker!"


"I can see she just loves you."


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"Marc, I must say you are an amazing individual.  I have never seen nor heard of anyone who is able to communicate with dogs this well."
Aaron & Jenny

"She's better than we ever thought she could be."


"She's like a dream dog. We can take her to PetSmart now and she behaves. It's amazing!"


"He's 100% better. I always loved my dog. Now I can trust him too."



"For once I am not embarrassed, but proud!! I can tell he is a much happier pet. Thank you!!"


"Every day is a good day for Zoey! She is such a happy little dog and so well behaved.  She has learned not to bark at the roofer, the painter, the house siding crew, the window man, the neighbor ...."


Trained German Shepherd for Sale


Meet Mo! A wonderful 14 months old, neutered, polite and professionally trained German Shepherd. Good with children and other dogs. For sale to the right home.

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Housebreaking 101

Housebreaking 101 Want to housebreak your own puppy or adult dog? Save thousands of dollars in damage. Don't get mad....get help! Housebreaking 101 gives you step by step instructions on the easiest way to housebreak your puppy or grown dog. Works for most dogs!  You'll see lots of improvement, even if you've been struggling. Marc Goldberg's tips troubleshooting tips are included. The Potty Game changes training from frustration to fun. Only $5.99!

Ring the Potty Bell

The Potty BellTeach your Dog to Ring the Potty Bell! One of the most useful tricks a dog can learn is to ring a bell when it's time to "go!" Not only can you teach Marc Goldberg's handy alert system to YOUR dog or young puppy, but you can accomplish the training in two weeks or less. We teach you how to teach your dog to Ring the Potty Bell as a simple game making it fun for both of you. Never miss another potty break...now your dog will give you a jingle! Only $5.99.